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Weight Loss Operation

Our Mission
Weight loss helps you
  • Look Better
  • Feel Happier
  • Stay Healthier
  • Better Career Prospects

This is also known as Bariatric Surgery. Success rate is at 95%.

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Key Benefits

These operations have many benefits and low complication rates.


If you are slightly obese, plastic surgery can help. If you are severely obese, you can't do it from head to toe. The only way to lose weight is by bariatric surgery, then go for liposuction or lipectomy.

For Your Children

Severe obesity is associated with premature death. Bariatric surgery increases life expectancy by 20 to 25%.


In the corporate world, appearance is everything. If you are severely obese, your boss may not be inclined to look beyond your appearance and look at your true capabilities. Get that much deserved promotion now.


People with severe obesity have difficulty finding a spouse. Bariatric Surgery has also saved many marriages.


By losing weight, you will have more self confidence and a larger circle of friends so you don’t celebrate your birthday alone.


Severe obesity is often associated with depression and low self esteem. Bariatric surgery can change that.


If you have bariatric surgery early, you have a good chance of curing or preventing many medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.


Severe obesity often decreases your mobility and makes you tired. Weight loss can help you do the things you never could.

Choose Your Operation

You're Eligible If Your BMI > 32.5

Prices below are indicative and excludes Goods and Services Tax (GST). Prices may exceed the range below for patients who are clinically diagnosed as severely obese and/or with certain co-morbidity conditions and/or require Intensive Care with extended hospitalisation stay. Learn more about financial counselling here.


A procedure where a surgeon laparoscopically puts a small band around the top of your stomach. The band has a small balloon inside it that controls how tight or loose the band is. The band limits how much food can go into your stomach. Learn More


S$ 25,000 (25 Percentile)

S$ 30,000 (75 Percentile)

  • + Transport
  • + Visa Arrangement

A procedure where a surgeon laparoscopically removes 50% of the stomach and leaves only a narrow section of the upper part of the stomach, called a gastric sleeve. The surgery may also curb the hunger hormone ghrelin, so you eat less. Learn More


S$ 30,000 (25 Percentile)

S$ 35,000 (75 Percentile)

  • + Transport
  • + Visa Arrangement

A procedure where a surgeon leaves only a very small part of the stomach (called the pouch), which can't hold a lot of food. The food you eat bypasses the rest of the stomach, so you eat less. Learn More


S$ 50,000 (25 Percentile)

S$ 55,000 (75 Percentile)

  • + Transport
  • + Visa Arrangement

Case Studies

Our Success Stories
Mdm Tin Tin Myint's weight decreased from 113kg to 63kg and multiple medical problems cured.

(Source: The Newpaper)

Mr Khong's weight decreased 1kg per week from 153kg and severe sleep apnoea cured.

(Source: The Newpaper)

Mdm Alison Lau's weight decreased from 105kg to 65kg.

(Source: The Straits Times)

Celebrity Successes

Famous people who have experienced significant weight loss after weight loss operation.
Jason Tan who once weighed 196kg, lost 55kg after bariatric surgery.

(Source: South China Morning Post)

Retired soccer player Diego Maradona who once weighed 127kg, lost about 30kg.

(Source: Wikimedia)

Golfer John Daly who once weighed 127kg, lost about 52kg after weight loss operation.

(Source: Huffpost News/Verizon Media)