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International Insurance

We understand that most international insurance such as Cigna and Aetna are likely to cover weight loss operations. The hospital will assist you to obtain a letter of guarantee (LOG).

Local Insurance

You will likely be able to claim for your operation depending on your BMI, especially if there is a presence of co-morbidities. You may be required to pay the bill first and then get reimbursed later.


If you wish to use MediSave to finance this procedure, you can do so in either MediSave accreditated private hospitals such as Raffles Hospital, or in public hospitals. The amount that you can claim from MediSave ranges between S$5,000 to S$7,000 in private hospitals, to S$20,000 to S$25,000 as a non-subsidised patient.


Your medical benefit program may cover your weight loss operation. Please contact your TRICARE representative or visit the official TRICARE website to learn more.