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Lap Gastric Bypass

Most of peoples are suffering from gastric problems nowadays. There are lots of reason behind this such as consuming oily fast food, lack of exercise, workload, etc. If you are one of them who is suffering from gastric problems from so long and now not able to handle any more then you need to visit us for lap gastric bypass surgery in Singapore. Being a foodie it is very difficult to resist the delicious items but after having those, it is also very annoying to have the digestive pills every time. If you are facing this problem daily in your life, then don’t hesitate, just visit the hospital and go for gastric sleeve surgery and operation in Singapore.

Lots of the peoples start feeling uncomfortable after hearing the word surgery but our hospital surgeons are very well experienced in doing these type of surgeries. So don’t worry you can easily trust on us. After this surgery, you won't feel any problem with eating or after eating your desired food, you will not face any digestion problems after this surgery. Gastric band surgery in Singapore is 100% safe and you will be perfectly alright after following some precautions. Many people are leading a happy and healthful life after having the operation.
What is a Gastric Bypass?
A procedure where a surgeon leaves only a very small part of the stomach (called the pouch). That pouch can't hold a lot of food, so you eat less. The food you eat bypasses the rest of the stomach, going straight from the pouch to your small intestine. This surgery can often be done through several small incisions using a camera to see inside (laparoscope). This is also known as a "Roux-en-Y" gastric bypass, or RYGB.
Why Gastric Bypass?
It is the most effective way in treating very obese patients.
Who is Eligible?
Obese patients with BMI > 32.5.
Is it Safe?
It carries some risks and not all patients are eligible.
How Do I Start?
You will need to first get a consultation with a weight loss doctor to assess your eligibility. We may require you to send your health information before consultation.
Where Can I Do This?
Please contact us at