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Lap Sleeve Gastrectomy

Do you have a habit of eating unnecessary items all the time? Do you always like to eat something whether snacks, biscuits, or anything? You know very well that every time eating junk food is not good for our digestive system. You are not aware of this but hunger hormone ghrelin is forcing you to eat those things. The Bariatric sleeve surgery in Singapore is offering you Sleeve Gastrectomy. Well, don't get nervous after hearing this. This surgery is safe and you will get guaranteed results after this. Many people are undergoing this gastrectomy sleeve surgery in Singapore and you will love to know that they are leading a happy and wonderful life. In this process, the surgeon will peel off the gastric sleeve from the patient's body, which will restrict the ghrelin, which is a hunger hormone. This will help you to eat less. You will not feel like eating fast food after this surgery. You will eat only healthy food and keep yourself fit and fine. The lap sleeve mastectomy in Singapore is giving you a chance to make yourself more confident.
What is Sleeve Gastrectomy?
A procedure where a surgeon removes most of the stomach and leaves only a narrow section of the upper part of the stomach, called a gastric sleeve. The surgery may also curb the hunger hormone ghrelin, so you eat less.
Why Sleeve Gastrectomy?
It is currently the most practised weight loss surgery method.
Who is Eligible?
Obese patients with BMI > 32.5.
Is it Safe?
It carries some moderate risks and some patients may not be eligible.
How Do I Get Started?
You will need to first get a consultation with a weight loss doctor to assess your eligibility. We may require you to send your health information before consultation.
Where Can I Do This?
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